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Our Promotions

We are pleased to announce our latest Bonus offers. Choose the one that best suits your need and enjoy the world of trading with extra money.

Welcome Bonus

Examples of bonus structure

  • Deposit in USD

  • 100
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • 25000
  • 40000
  • 50000
  • Bonus in USD

  • 20
  • 100
  • 200
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 5000
  • 5000
  • 5000
  • 20% withdrawable welcome bonus is available only for the first deposit with minimum of 1 USD. Maximum bonus per account will be 5000 USD.
  • This offer is only for MT4 classic account holders and the bonus is applicable for both variable spreads.
  • Instant and automatic credit of bonus on satisfying the above requirements.
  • Bonus is valid only for 6 months and can be withdrawn after trading 5 standard lots round-turn for every 10 USD of the bonus received.
  • Bonus cannot be withdrawn partially without making the required volume in lots within the given time period.
  • If the bonus is not withdrawn within 6 months, it will automatically be nullified.
  • No restrictions on withdrawal of profits within this period.

General Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

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Bonus Terms and conditions

  • Welcome and Withdraw Bonus programs are valid for MT4 classic accounts only including Islamic type. They are not applicable for ECN accounts.
  • Bonus is calculated only for trading currency pairs.
  • For Non- USD accounts the equivalent of USD will be calculated for bonus and credited.
  • The bonus programs are applicable for any number of accounts opened by a single client, however he can avail only one bonus per account he holds. This implies the client cannot have 2 bonus offers running on a single account. Client can apply for the bonus program via MyVault.
  • Only payments made using the options offered by Greenvault FX will be considered for the Bonus deposits.
  • Only closed deals are considered to be valid to satisfy the bonus withdrawal requirements.
  • If the client gets a margin call, is stopped out or if the client raises a withdrawal request for the bonus amount before satisfying the given conditions, then the bonus will be nullified. Also bonus will not be counted for margin call or stop-out calculation.
  • The standard lots calculation will start with the first trade the client makes after receiving his bonus. In case of margin call or stop out during the trade, the previous trades will not be considered for the bonus withdrawal condition and the client has to start fresh with new deposit for the bonus.
  • Client will not be able to withdraw any amount exceeding the actual profit from closed deals without meeting the bonus requirements. This can be calculated as shown below,
    Profit that can be withdrawn= (Free Margin) – (sum of active bonus amount) – (sum of the deposits to which bonus are credited)
  • Partner’s commissions will not be paid for trading bonus funds
  • Internal transfer between client’s accounts will not be considered as fresh deposits and hence will not be considered for bonuses.
  • Clients eligible for bonus withdrawal are allowed to transfer from their trading account to another trading account in part or in full, however this will cause the Bonus Credit amount to be reduced in proportion accordingly.
  • A client has right to decline the bonus program whenever needed. In that case, the bonus will be written off but they can withdraw amounts from their account without limitations.
  • Greenvault FX can void the bonus if any of the requirements are not met.
  • Greenvault FX reserves the right to disqualify any individual that breaches the Bonus terms.
  • Any malicious trade manipulation or fraudulent activity in any Client’s trading account will nullify the bonuses availed by the client then.
  • Greenvault FX may make amendments to these terms and conditions any time and the clients will be notified promptly. Revised terms are to be checked by the clients regularly.
  • This offer will remain valid as long as it is annulled by Greenvault FX on its sole discretion.
  • If the bonus is not credited instantly, please send an email with your MT4 account number and full name to to request the bonus.
  • Any dispute that arise and are not covered by these terms will be resolved in the best possible way by Greenvault FX which is fairest to all concerned.
  • By opening an account with Greenvault FX, client acknowledges that he has read and understood the terms and conditions of both Greenvault FX and the bonus program.
  • Risk Warning

    Trading Forex and CFDs involves high level of risk factor and can result in losing entire investment and it will not fit every investor. Advisable to understand the risks involved before investing. Trade only with the capital for which you are prepared to lose and select leverage considering the consequences.